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Oxana Mihaniuc

life coach,
business coach.

Life Academy.
I help solve many client issues through a wide range of psychological and coaching services.

Facts about me


years in business. Two successful million dollar prosperous businesses to this day.


years of marriage.


hours of personal consultations. Work with people, seminars, trainings, master classes, courses.


hours as a psychologist and coach!

About me

Let's get acquainted.
My name is Oxana Mihaniuc.

I am a certified practicing psychologist, life coach, business coach. My qualification is confirmed by numerous diplomas, including those at the international level. My experience in family relations - 30 years of marriage together and two beautiful and talented children. My experience in business - 22 years and two successful multimillion-dollar business projects, successfully developing now.

I am proud that I have succeeded as a Woman, Wife, Mom and Business Lady.

Оксана Мыханюк



I work with psychosomatic diseases and basic psychological traumas acquired in childhood. I work through negative programs and scenarios inherited from parents. I resolve issues of fear, aggression, self-doubt, phobias, resentment, self-rejection, low self-esteem, fear of public speaking, depression, as well as issues of interpersonal and male-female relations. I use the most advanced and efficient methods of work.

First consultation – 30 minutes, introductory, no fee.

Standard session – 1 hour / 39€.

Course - the price is discussed depending on the problem, the task and the number of consultations.


Coaching is a technology that allows us to solve any problem in any area of our life! Whether it's business and finances, health, love, relationships, personal growth and development, work, career, living conditions, leisure and entertainment, as well as family relationships... Coaching is a wonderful technology that allows you to quickly move towards your goal, and if there is no goal, to identify and clear it.

First session – 30 minutes, introductory, no fee.

Standard coaching session – 1 hour / 79€

Course - price depending on the purpose and number of sessions.

Who needs a psychologist?

The psychologist works with the psycho-emotional state of the individual, problematic issues and psychological traumas.

Those who are experiencing a conflict situation at home, in society, those who are in a crisis due to job loss, betrayal, infidelity, loss of a loved one.

Because unresolved psychological problems cause psychosomatic diseases.

Who needs a coach?

Any person who wants to set goals and achieve them needs a coach. Achieve success and develop in the shortest possible time.

Because coaching is a super technology for people at the forefront. And a coach is a professional mentor in achieving your goal.

My goal as a coach is to help you believe in your strengths and discover your hidden abilities, relying on the strengths of your personality and move to new heights, to new achievements.

Консультация психолога

What is the benefit of working with me as a psychologist?

Expands consciousness and increases access to internal and external information, which allows a person to expand the boundaries of his thinking.

- get rid of childhood psychotraumas.

- get rid of destructive emotions (fear, anger, aggression, anxiety, insecurity, inadequate self-esteem and much more).

- work out psychosomatic manifestations.

- learn how to react competently to any events and show your emotions in an environmentally friendly way.

- communicate with family and society in a constructive way.

- be filled with energy, optimism and ideas. And know clearly how to implement them.

- live your life.

- love yourself for real!

The duration of the work depends on the task.

If you want to solve a specific problem, the ways of solving it can be outlined already at 1-2 consultations.

If the goal is to understand and rebuild your life, it's at least 10-12 consultations.

What is the benefit of a coaching session or course of sessions?

A session or course provides an excellent opportunity to:

- identify goals.

- clear it out.

- set a timeline.

- outline steps.

- explore resources and much more.

What issues does coaching solve?

Absolutely any issues from all spheres of life (love and relationships; health; career and business; money and material well-being; friendship and family relationships; recreation and entertainment; self-development and spiritual growth; living conditions).

Коучинговая сессия

My clients work for these companies

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Author's course

«Healing Yourself Through the Healing of Personal Karma» (6 lessons)

Who is the course for?

For those who are haunted by illness, failure in the personal and professional sphere.

- who has family members who are alcoholics, drug addicts, or addicted to anything.

- for those who attract partners into their lives with whom you are in a co-dependent relationship.

- if you feel like a "victim" or a "rescuer".

- if you have constant financial problems or on the contrary, you earn a lot and yourself.

- if you are raising a child or children alone.

- if you are apathetic, depressed or exhausted and constantly feel a lack of energy.

- if you are floundering and searching for your purpose in life.

- if nothing makes you happy.

- if you find it difficult to build relationships in society and much more.

The course helps:

1. To work through basic childhood psychological traumas.

2. Realize who you are and what you really want?

3. Learn to understand, love and appreciate yourself.

4. To feel a rush of strength, energy and true emotion.

5. To attract "your" people into your life.

6. Realize your purpose.

7. Feel the energy of the family.

Master Class

«Men and women - two dimensions of being»

Master Class

«How to deal with stress?»

Master Class

«Woman - the creator and keeper of the hearth»

Master Class

«The chakras and their interconnection with all areas of life»

Business trainings

For business owners, managers on your stated topic.

I specialize in the following topics:

- psychological aspects of employee and managerial motivation.

- increasing the level of sales of the product (services) provided by pumping basic and alternative business cases.

- корректная и конструктивная коммуникация с клиентами.

- the main aspects of conflictology and its successful use in the team.

Оксана Мыханюк - бизнес-тренер
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